tfvolumes - administer data volumes for 20ft


tfvolumes [-h] [--location] [--local y.local]   list   create [tag]   destroy (uuid | tag | tag:uuid)


tfvolumes administers volumes in a 20ft location. 'list' and 'create' return their results as json. Destroy is silent but returns code 1 if the volume can't be found.


-h, --helpPresent cli help.

--location\ x\.20ft\.nzUse an (optional) non-default location (fqdn).

--local\ y.localAn optional (local) ip for the broker.

listReturn a list of volumes available in this location.

create [tag]Create a volume (optionally creating with a tag).

destroy (uuid | tag | tag:uuid)Destroy a volume given its uuid, tag, or both.

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