tfdomains - administer served domains for 20ft


tfdomains [-h] [--location] [--local y.local]   list   prepare   claim   release


tfdomains Administers the relationship between a 20ft web gateway and which domains are available for you to redirect.

The process of claiming a domain takes place in two steps:

Preparing20ft will return a token that must be added as a subdomain text record to the domain. Once this has happened you have two hours to complete the process.

Claiming20ft will confirm that the token was added to the public DNS for the domain. Once this has happened you are able to delete the DNS record.


-h, --helpPresent cli help.

--location\ x\.20ft\.nzUse an (optional) non-default location (fqdn)

--local\ y.localAn optional (local) ip for the broker

listList the domains you are able to redirect.

prepareReceive a token to prepare a domain to be claimed.

claimClaim a domain once the token has been published.

releaseRelease a previously claimed domain.

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