Building Apps with the SDK

As we saw from the external architecture there needs to be a client program running in order to create a 20ft service. This chapter is about building and deploying these applications. Bear in mind they need to be run from a machine that has Python 3 and pip3 install tfnz, or use the ready made AMI (runs fine on t2.nano, login with alpine@) that has this already set up for you.

Don’t forget to login and paste your access keys from tfacctbak.

The Quick Way

A single container app can be deployed extremely quickly:

Run nohup tf image & to spawn a container from the image - this process will keep running even when you’ve logged out.

The CLI Tools are SDK Based

The cli tools - tfnz, tfvolumes etc. etc. - are all merely python applications written around the 20ft SDK. Better still, they are all BSD licensed open source so they can be used as reference material or a starting point for your own applications.